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C4W writing tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have been trained in the theory and practice of peer tutoring. These tutors are enrolled in faculties and programs across campus: in the humanities, the sciences, business, education – and beyond. 

Do not worry if you cannot find a tutor who specializes in exactly the exact subject of your assignment. All of the tutors are qualified to assess and comment on various forms and styles of writing.

Undergraduate-Level Tutors

Katherine (Online Tutor)

Katherine is a fourth year Education student with a specialization in English and Drama. In the past, she has been lucky enough to see some of her stories and poems reach publication, most recently in Glass Buffalo magazine. Katherine has experience as a high school English tutor, drama instructor, and piano teacher. She is an avid reader and writer and is comfortable assisting you with writing from any discipline.


Sai is fourth year student B.Sc. student majoring in Neuroscience. He is interested in interdisciplinary teaching, learning and collaboration. Sai is obsessed with how ideas are constructed, interpreted and negotiated to help understand different concepts. He enjoys listening to music, volunteering, learning about culture and running. He is excited to assist students with their writing.

Graduate-Level Tutors


Mansoureh is a doctoral student in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta. She has a BA and an MA in English, and has many years of experience in ESL/EFL and college teaching. Apart from her love for teaching and learning languages, she is interested in Women's Writing, contemporary fiction, sociology of literature, continental philosophy, and twentieth century theory and criticism. She would be glad to help you improve your writing skills, and use your written form of English more effectively to become terrific writers!


Nathan has an Honours Degree in Biology from the University of Victoria, as well as a Professional Writing Minor in Journalism and Publishing. He is currently working on a Master's degree in the Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. Whenever possible, he indulges his passion for science journalism and the promotion of science literacy and critical thinking. He's enthusiastic about tutoring not only so that he can help students improve their academic confidence and performance, but also so that he can learn from the unique suite of skills, knowledge, and experience that every student has to offer. 


Pony is a PhD candidate in an interdisciplinary program, combining cultural studies and performance studies. Pony has been a tutor at the Centre for Writers since August 2013. Pony loves all types of writing and loves using "they" as a singular pronoun because it is gender neutral. They have a B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Women Studies from the University of Kentucky and a M.S. in Recreation Management from the University of Montana in the United States. Pony has published several research papers in scholarly journals and has experience teaching technical writing. Pony enjoys working with students from diverse disciplines and is excited to work with you and to help you become a better writer. :O) 


Rasoul has a BA and an MA in English, and has just completed his PhD in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta. He has been working as a tutor and instructor of writing at the Centre for Writers since October 2013. Rasoul welcomes writings of various sorts from student and staff writers from across our faculties, departments, and programs at the U of A.


Saeid has bachelor and master degrees in Chemical Engineering and is currently Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering. He has been teaching assistant and tutors in science and engineering courses and has published several scientific papers and reports. Saeid is familiar with ESL writing challenges and he welcomes writers from various subjects. As such, he would be delighted to help you accomplish your writing goals.


Silvia is a doctoral student in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, specializing in Russian language and literature. She received both her BA in English and Russian, and her MA in Russian from Sapienza University of Rome. She has been teaching languages since 2006, in particular ESL (English as a Second Language), Russian for beginners, and Italian. She is interested in many fields: literature, comparative literature, SLA (Second Language Acquisition), translation studies, linguistics, philology, and much more! Silvia will also be glad to help you with your assignments and personal writing in Russian 111-112 and all levels of Italian.

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