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The Centre for Writers offers online tutoring to all UofA students enrolled in online courses. 

Faculty of Extension students: please contact your assigned online tutors via email at

All instructors of online courses and unusual courses (such as Saturday courses) can contact us to request writing support for their online students at any time during any semester (fall, winter, spring, summer). Online tutors will only help students whose instructors have confirmed that they are teaching an online course. Online tutors can also tutor students doing a practicum, work-term, internships, co-op, or clinical work away from Edmonton.

Important information:

  • Students must specify which course (instructor's name, course name, and course number) this paper is for. 
  • Students must provide the focus for the process through their questions and concerns. Students retain ownership of their work – it is our goal to help students become better writers rather to fix all their errors. Our online tutor can assist with any type of writing assignment or project at any stage of the writing process. Here are some examples:
    • Reading over an assignment to figure out what the instructor is asking.
    • Brainstorming and developing ideas.   
    • Creating an outline.
    • Forming a thesis statement or central argument.
    • Discovering research tools and techniques.
    • Organizing a draft.
    • Choosing the correct word or phrase.
    • Using specific documentation and citation styles.
    • Integrating quotations and other citations.
    • Creating a bibliography/reference list/works cited.
    • Providing self-editing strategies.
    • Etc.
  • The questions that students send to the tutors must be focused. Because the tutor and students are not meeting face-to-face, it is important that the tutors have a clear idea of what questions and/or concerns students have about their writing assignment. We request, therefore, that students provide THREE to FIVE focused questions or area for the tutor to examine. For example:
    • Do I have a strong enough thesis statement?
    • Does my argument flow well? 
    • What are the different ways I can include a source?
    • Is the use of the semi colons correct?
    • How can I strengthen my introduction and/or conclusion?
    • Is the organization of my paper logical and easy to follow?
  • The tutor will not look over the following documents:
    • Take-home exams.
    • Legal documents.
    • Assignments written in a language other than English.
The Centre for Writers is not an editing service. The goal of online tutoring sessions is to develop students’ writing skills and abilities.

Business Hours:

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Friday: 11-3

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