Becoming a Tutor

How do you apply?

  • We are looking for graduate and undergraduate students who possess good writing and communication skills, work professionally and patiently with others, manage time effectively, are energetic and team-oriented, and are open to learning new and exciting tutoring and teaching techniques. 

  • If you have previous writing centre experience, please send us a letter of application and a CV between APRIL 1, 2017 and JULY 1, 2017 (to start working in the fall semester). The positions will remain open until filled. 

  • If you do NOT have writing centre experience, please register for WRS 301 (undergraduate course, Fall 2017) or WRS 603 (graduate course, Fall 2017). Upon successful completion of the course (including a practicum in the Centre for Writers), you may be hired (and paid!) the following semester. 


What is peer tutoring?

  • Working one-on-one with other students on writing and reading skills
  • Talking about academic writing
  • Providing a second pair of eyes to anyone from amazing writers to struggling writers
  • Discussing with international and multilingual students about Canadian writing conventions and expectations
  • Visiting classrooms and promoting our services
  • Creating teaching materials
  • Delivering workshops on a variety of topics
  • Working with a dedicated and creative group of people
  • Coaching students to adopt effective writing and self-editing strategies

Why should you become a peer tutor?

  • To improve your own writing and communication skills
  • To earn good money without leaving the campus
  • To improve your teaching, presentation, and public speaking skills
  • To gain professional experience in a student-focused environment
  • To add a very important line in your resume
  • To learn about different styles of writing
  • To work with clients from various disciplines, cultures and linguistic backgrounds
  • To work in a relaxed environment with a fun team
  • To make a real difference in other people’s lives
  • To learn all kinds of random facts about a multitude of interesting topics
  • To gain experience in coaching and active listening
  • To belong to an exciting and growing academic field­­­­

What do peer tutors help with? 

  • Understanding assignments and texts
  • Reviewing research papers, creative and personal texts, lab reports, and many other kinds of texts for flow & conciseness 
  • Assisting graduate students with theses and dissertations 
  • Brainstorming and drafting strategies 
  • Organizing ideas and developing arguments 
  • Creating effective thesis statements 
  • Exploring and explaining research strategies and integrating secondary sources 
  • Helping students with revising, formatting, spelling, grammar, style, usage, mechanics and more 
  • Encouraging students to become more confident in their writing skills

Business Hours:

Monday: 11-6

Tuesday: 12-6

Wednesday: 11-6

Thursday: 11-6

Friday: 11-3

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