volunteers needed

The LNAP is an all-night event that serves several purposes: to help students whose schedules do not permit them to visit writing support centres during the day; to encourage healthy working habits; and to bring attention to Writing Centres by creating a unique and fun atmosphere for students who are looking for help with their writing assignments.

The LNAP will take place at the Rutherford Library on November 6 to 7, from 8:00 pm until 8:00 am. See the schedule for a list of tutoring support, activities, and workshops offered throughout the night.

In order to make this event as successful and as fun as possible, the LNAP organizing committee is looking to fill the following volunteer positions:

  •  IT/Network/Media Volunteers: manage the two computer rooms and the writing rooms and help students/staff with computer questions and issues; manage the live feed with other writing centres; post news, pictures, and updates on social media sites regularly. (Time: 8pm – 8am)
  • Food Volunteers: set up the food tables before the event; make sure that snacks and beverages are available throughout the night; help set up dinner and breakfast meals; manage student groups who prepare/bring food for dinner and breakfast; record number of people who attend dinner and breakfast. (Time: 6pm – 8am)
  • Signage Volunteers: decorate the event space; get signage ready in the Library before the event; post directions throughout the campus and Rutherford Library; remove all signage after the event. (Time: 6pm – 8am, and 1 to 2 hours/day in the week leading up to the event)
  • Presentation Aid Volunteers: familiarize with the presenters and their presentations/workshops; contact the presenters a week before the event; welcome and provide assistance to the presenters; introduce the presenters; count the number of participants in these presentations/workshops; give proof of attendance to participants; give their thank-you gifts to the presenters. (Time: a few days before the event; 8pm – 8am)
  • Housekeeping Volunteers: maintain the cleanliness of the venue; help with opening and closing cleaning duties. (Time: 7pm – 10am)
  • Administration Volunteers: check in and out students who participate in the event; record number of people who attend the event; answer questions and give directions to participants; distribute feedback forms to everyone before they leave. (Time: 8pm – 8am)  

Please be advised that you would NOT be required to commit to the entire time-slot; you may volunteer for as long as you want and for as many shifts as you want. You may also participate in the event as regular participants, before or after or in-between your shifts. 

If any of these volunteer activities interest you, then please click here to let us know that you are interested and request more information.

Volunteers will receive thank-you gifts for their generous contributions. 

If you are a confirmed volunteer, please read the information booklet that can be found here