volunteer booklet

Instructions for all volunteers: 

- Make sure you know who your volunteer supervisor is.

- Read this booklet carefully before the event and make sure you know what your duties are. Keep this booklet with you at all time. 

- Familiarize yourself with the Rutherford library space before the event.

- Introduce yourself to the event organizers and security officer when you start your shift(s).

- Clean and orderly pyjamas are permitted.

- Pick up your volunteer package when you start your first shift; wear your t-shirts and name tags at all time during your shift(s). 

- Please refrain from smoking during your shift.

- Please refrain from wearing scented products during your shift.

- Be on time for your shifts. In case of illness or emergency, please contact your volunteer supervisor as soon as possible.

- Be helpful and accommodating, enjoy the evening, promote studying and writing. Remember that how you handle yourself during the event directly reflects on the C4W and the UofA's other writing centres, as well as the UofA in general. Your attitude and support will greatly contribute to the success of this event. 

- Keep the areas you are working in clean and safe. 

- During long shifts, you may take a few breaks. Make sure to contact your supervisor when you go on breaks or if you need to leave earlier than planned.

- Your supervisor might ask you to change roles at any time before or during your shifts so make sure you have a good idea of what all the volunteer roles are. Please do not change roles without speaking to your supervisor.

- Check in and out with your volunteer supervisor.

- Keep track of your hours and make sure to report them at the end of your shifts on the appropriate form.

- Please speak to your supervisor about any complicated issues that might arise at the event.

- Don't forget your gift at the end of your last shift. 

- Remember to give us some feedback at the end of your shift, using the feedback form. Tell us what went well and also how we can improve next year. 

- Remember, you're working as a volunteer, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun too!  We want this event to be a rewarding experience for all attendees, all volunteers, and all the staff.  Learn some, work some, and have fun. 


Emergency numbers and procedures: 

Lucie (all night): 

Stephen (all night):



Volunteer supervisor (Jordan):


Map of the space: